What you can Expect

Clients can expect complete confidentiality from a qualified counsellor.In counselling sessions, clients can be free to explore their innermost thoughts and feelings without being judged.

Often clients may be experiencing issues which they feel that they cannot talk to friends or family about for many reasons. With the assistance and guidance of a counsellor, they can perhaps face up to or confront these issues, with an aim to moving on or unburdening themselves.

Each session lasts for fifty minutes, and will be at a regular time each week. During this time clients will be able to explore, in confidence, area’s or aspects of themselves which they feel may be of concern to themselves or others. Some learn how sometimes unconscious processes can affect our lives without us even being aware of them. Often this will involve going over past experiences, and by doing this we can at times see things in a different way.Counselling also often offers clients the opportunity to identify the choices they have available to them, and explore different ways of they may incorporate them into their life.

Clients can expect their counsellor to work within an equal opportunity policy which does not discriminate on grounds of marital status, race, gender, class, religion or sexual orientation.

For more information, or to make an appointment, please contact me.